Please tell us about the type of video your company would like, and we'll contact you with some initial pricing and information.

What type of video do you want?

Sales video - company or product overview.
Facilities tour - walk through of manufacturing facility or commercial property.
Instructional video - show how to use or install a product.
Video for television - commercial, infomercial, television show or production.

How long would you like the video to be?
30 or 60 seconds
3-5 minutes
7-10 minutes
30 minutes
Other :
Where will we be shooting the video footage?

On-location at your facility In our studio
On-location - remote locations Both on-location and in-studio

If shooting on-location, how many scenes at on location will we be shooting?

A manufacturing facility may want shots of the design dept, manufacturing, quality control room, and shipping dock. So that's 4 scenes.

A hotel may want shots of lobby, front desk, 3 different rooms, and the pool. So that's 6 scenes.

Enter number of scenes:

If we will be shooting video on-location, what is the address ?


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