Product Shots

Our photo studio specializes in shooting national-quality product photography for retail, commercial and industrial applications.

TAC uses large strobe softboxes to provide smooth, wraparound lighting with soft shadows, deep color saturation and even highlights.

Send us your products and we’ll return them along with high quality photo product shots, at low cost.

See product shot options and sample photos below.

Companies from all over the country send TAC their products for product photography.

If your company already ships your product, that makes it easy, just ship us the products you need photographed.

If your company doesn’t normally ship your product, we can arrange your shipment with UPS or carrier or delivery service. Learn more >>

See product shot examples below.

Our digital system allows on-screen previewing to aid in perfect product positioning. Proof prints or online web-proofs are provided for client review.

Selected images are digitally touched-up, removing any imperfections in the product or background. See the Photo Retouching page.

Your final images can be burned to CD, DVD, sent to you electronically or can be output as high-quality photo prints.

TAC Photography Studio Services Include:

  • Professional Digital SLR Cameras and Lenses
  • Large Softbox Strobe Flash Lighting
  • Product Shots
  • In-Studio Sets
  • On-Location Photography
  • Industrial – Manufacturing Photos
  • Digital Retouching
  • Images on CD, Internet or Photo Print(s)
  • Multiple Product Shot Discounts
  • Video Product Shots

Give your company’s product the image it deserves with a high-quality product shot by TAC.

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Product Photography Options

Background Options

Your products can be shot with different types of backgrounds. A seamless background is where your product is shot on a grey or color background. A gradient background is also shot on a grey or color background, but is dark at top and light at bottom. Or if you prefer we can silhouette your product which is a process where we remove the background completely (see silhouetting).

Seamless Background Gradient Background Silhouetted

Standard Background Colors (In-Stock):

Large & Small Products (up to 8 feet wide)

Studio Grey Steel Grey Charcoal White Black

Small Products (up to 4 feet wide)

Yellow Studio Blue Green Red Brown

Note: Colors appear lighter in shade once lighting is applied. Above photos shot on Steel Grey color. Other colors available on request.

Silhouetting – Remove Background

If you would like to place your product over any background in your literature, graphics or website, TAC can provide your product shots silhouetted.

Once silhouetted, we can also add a soft drop shadow to your product image. Silhouetting takes additional time and cost which varies depending on your product. Contact TAC for pricing or more information.

Image Resolution and File Types

TAC can supply your photos in a variety of image file sizes including low, medium and high resolution images, as well as different file types including TIFF, EPS, JPEG, GIF or PSD (Photoshop) files. The image resolution and file type you need depends on your application. Click here for a brief explanation of image file resolution and file types.

Photo Output Options

Once your images are captured and processed, TAC can provide your photos in many formats including, on CD, DVD, Internet, photo-quality prints, or large poster size displays. Contact TAC for pricing or more information.

Contact us for pricing and information about your specific needs.

TAC also has decades of experience in producing quality video productions. See the Video Production page for more info.

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Product Shot Examples


All photos are the property of respective client and are copyright protected © The Advertising Center / TAC Marketing, Inc. No photos may be used without the explicit consent of said client and TAC Marketing, Inc.