Ship Us Your Products And Save!

Getting professional high-quality product shots is easy with TAC. Just ship us your products. We’ll shoot them and return your products, and provide you with high-quality, retouched photo product shots in a variety of file formats.

Our studio specializes in shooting national-quality product shots for retail, commercial and industrial applications. The affordability of the Buffalo (Western New York) region allows us to provide high-quality product shots at rates much lower than studios in larger markets. So with TAC you can get the professional product shots you’d expect from a big city studio, at much lower cost.

It’s easy to get product shots for less!

We send you quality images... Just ship your product to TAC
We make your product look great... We shoot professional product shots

See our Product Shots page for more information on product photography.

TAC also has decades of experience in producing quality video productions. See the Video Production page for more info.

Contact us today to find out how your company can benefit from TAC’s experience with photography and video production.