Online-Store Platforms

If you would like to open a store at one of the many online-store platforms available today, but you need help setting it up and making everything work, we can help.

Some online-store platforms include:

The Advertising Center can be your online store developer assistant and intermediate between you and the platform. We’ll help you set it up, and then you can take over with day-to-day operating of the online store. Then if you need to make changes or have questions, TAC is here to help again.

TAC has decades of experience in web development and custom graphics to put to work for you in developing your online store with any platform. We can provide any kind of graphics or custom development needed, as well as photography and other services.

The main advantage of the online store platforms, over building your own e-commerce website, is the store platforms have the processing of credit cards built into their service.

If you already have a working business with a merchant account, you may be better off having TAC build your own e-commerce website which uses a gateway to process transactions through your current credit card processor.

But if you are just starting a business that sells online, it may be less expensive for you to get started with one of these online platforms using their credit card processing, and then switch to a regular e-commerce site once you’ve built some equity and can negotiate a better processing rate from a merchant account than the online store services can offer.

Most of the online-store platforms have similar processing rates of approximately 2.9% plus per transaction fees around 30 cents each.

Some of the online-store services also offer shipping solutions and other services built into their platform. Square offers delivery options, and Shopify offers discounted shipping rates using their system.

We can help you pick a platform based on your needs and expectations.

Also available is WooCommerce Payments which can be added to a custom WordPress website.

Similar to the online platforms, one of the most popular shopping cart add-ons for WordPress now offers credit-card processing through their payment plug-in, as an alternative to using a gateway with a custom website to connect to a merchant account.

With WooCommerce and WooCommerce Payments, TAC can build you the best of both worlds. We can build you a totally customized WordPress website using WooCommerce as the shopping cart software, and WooPayments for the credit card payments.

Bottom line is if you need help with any online platform, we can help. Contact us today!

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